Saturday, January 1, 2011

FIE on YOU 2010!

I cannot resist thumbing my nose at you, Old Retired Guy 2010! Why I got picked to have a Joe Btfstik kind of a year I cannot fathom. But you know what? I am still here! I am looking forward to a great 2011! Just for posterity, here are some of the things you brought me, you wrinkled old bag of days:
  • Death of my dear old friend, best dog ever, and first dog to be really mine. I still miss you Ringo,
  • Bad mammogram in January
  • Cancer Diagnosis in February
  • Surgery in March
  • Radiation through June
  • Dad's heart attack on first day of Summer II classes
  • Dad's decline from then until...
  • Dad's death on December 11
And then there were the little things! (Like Robert Earl Keen says, "It's the little things...")
  • Things flung from the sky at me including three large limbs and one entire tree.
  • Squashing of my carport by said tree.
  • Breaking out rear window of my new car, Wanda Honda by backing into a dumpster. My bad.
  • Poor Wanda then getting run into by a truck--twice.The same truck hit her once and the driver got out to apologize, leaving truck in gear to roll back and hit her again! Driver's lame excuse..."I just had my eyes dilated and can't see a thing!" Very funny 2010.
  • Dinging front Wanda's front windshield days later. I now think I can feel Wanda shudder every time I put my key in the ignition.
In all fairness at least one really great thing happened. My daughter moved back to Texas after 9 years in Portland OR. So thanks for that 2010 but I still think you were mean to me. Thus I say, a pox upon you 2010! 2011 I am ready for you to take over!

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