Sunday, January 30, 2011

Link O'Day: Webspiration

Yesterday I shared a nifty mind-mapping site called Mindomo. It is a free site with a lot of potential and I thought it was well worth recommending. As mich as I like it though, I think Webspiration is better for teachers and kids. It is the Internet version of Inspiration software, long a favorite educational tool. Once Webspiration came along, it was free in BETA for the past three years. Now the free ride is scheduled t end. There is a notation at the Webspiration site that users who have joined prior the the end date of April 4 will be allowed to continue use through April 30 and then will be offered a discount for the future use of the site. This is one tool that I think is worth paying for, and if you take advantage of the last weeks of free service, then you can decide this for yourself. I feel sure there will be educational pricing. So hop on board while you have the chance!

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