Thursday, January 27, 2011

Link O'Day: Multnoma County Library, Oregon

I have a soft spot for Multnoma County Libraries because I have visited them numerous times. In particular the downtown main library is quite wonderful. Here is a link with a good description of the downtown library:
If you go, be sure and go into the Children's Room and see the storybook tree. It is a wonderful bronze sculpture with images of many well loved book characters. Surprisingly, it was not easy to find pictures of the sculpture. This link leads to the best ones I found.
I have been to branch libraries as well, including a couple in charming older buildings. My daughter was a big library user there, and especially made use of their extensive collections of music.

Another thing I like about this library is their website.  Their site is a great reference tool. Teachers and librarians will do well to mark it, and anybody with an ounce of curiosity will enjoy browsing their links. So if you cannot get up to Portland and have a real visit, enjoy a virtual one!

This Saturday I will be teaching my Internet for Librarian class, and one thing we will of course talk about is website evaluation. Having students evaluate sites dealing with controversial topics is necessary for one of my assignments. The link below is one I will be showing--it is a list of social issues.

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