Friday, January 7, 2011

Link O'Day:

This link does not come from my bookmark bank. Instead it is one shared today by Sybel Finemel via LM_NET listserv for school librarians. She has been sharing links for years, including contributions to Librarians' Internet Index and Virtual Reference Desk. These days you can find her at Question Point:
While you are at this location, take time to peruse the many resources at this information-filled wiki.

Abbreviation Index is just what it says, a repository of abbreviations and what they stand for. It also has a section for social network lingo, which they call "Wannas." You can search for a given abbreviation or browse by subject. Of course you can! It's an index, right? Here is my favorite section...check it out!

Chat, Emoticons, Domain Names, Wannas, HTTP, MIME, ASCII »

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