Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Link O'Day: Author Chris Cleve

I don't read nearly as many books as I once did, or as I would like to enjoy. The reason is my work. My current job's administrative side eats up large chunks of my time during and after regular work hours. Then, like all online teachers, I find myself interacting with students, grading, keeping discussions going, etc. Cleve's book Little Bee has been on my want-to-read list for at least a year. I enjoy ebooks, but picked up a paper copy of this one for my flight home from a conference in San Diego. As promised by reviewers, I was drawn in and had trouble putting it down until finished. It is a quick read, though, and most readers will only need a few hours to finish. The set-up is interesting, with alternating chapters narrated by the two protagonists, Little Bee and the woman who sought to save her. The story really makes me think about how little I know about the conditions in Nigeria and other African countries today. It is one not to miss. All the laudatory reviews are spot on.

Then you will want to go to Chris Cleve's website. He talks about all his books and shares the first chapter of each. AND he posts in and converses with readers who leave comments. He also offers blog postings with his musings, and has a free children's book, satirical and frankly not my cup of tea. But I LOVE Little Bee. This is a book to remember. Great for book club choices also.

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