Saturday, January 22, 2011

Link O'Day: Kathy Schrock

OK surely every teacher and librarian in the United States KNOWS about this website, right? Nope...I talked to a group of new MLS students today and shared her site. I may be wrong, but I don't think there was one person out of the 18 present who knew about her site. So never assume...Your colleagues will love you forever if you show them this site. If nothing else excites them, they will love Puzzle Maker, where you can make FREE word searches, crosswords, and other puzzles right there at her site and then print them out and use. When I brought the site up, I noticed changes since the last time I visited. I had to click around a little to find the things I wanted to share. One useful tip is to use the tabs up at the top of the page: Administrators, Teachers, Parents, Students. Puzzle Maker is in the dropdown from the Teachers tab. There is such a wealth of information at this site, all of it exemplary, that I am not going to try to list off things to look for. I will just mention ONE other because I think she is absolutely spot on with her tools to help teachers and students evaluate websites. This is SO important. I am sure there are several ways to get to the checklists, and she has several for different ages of students. I think the easiest is to click on the main page under the heading called Teacher Helpers...Critical Evaluation Tools. A lot of people share similar checklists, but I don't think Kathy's can be beat. She is sharing all her information royalty free, so you can take one of her lists and even edit it if you want. You have permission granted at the site. Oh and I have to mention one other thing: Clip Art. Her clip art collection is constantly growing. It is royalty free. All the graphics are appropriate and attractive. I think if you don't tell your colleagues but one link for an entire year, you should make that one Kathy Schrock's page. It is that good.

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  1. Mary Ann,

    Thank you for all the kind words! Remember, the Guide for Educators is what I control--- Discovery Education takes care of Puzzlemaker and their clip art, although I have lots listed on the Schrockguide, too!