Monday, January 24, 2011

My Hero and Facebook Avatar, Dick Tracy

When I was a kid I was crazy about Dick Tracy. Yes, I was a nerdy little sprout. I even had a Bonnie Braids doll, as well as a Sparkle Plenty doll. This all dates me age-wise, I know. But I can remember playing out in the back yard, talking to my wrist, pretending there was a two-way wrist radio on it. The two-way wrist radio was a very big part of my infatuation with the square jawed-hero. I got to thinking about him recently when everybody on Facebook changed profile pics to cartoon characters to call attention to abuse against children. My choice was easy to make. I just did a little searching and discovered there is a Chester Gould/Dick Tracy Museum:  Also, the comic strip lives on, it seems, though not in my paper. Here is a recent article about the future of Dick Tracy:

Now I am noticing that people are starting to change back to previous or new profile shots and I probably will do the same before long, though reluctantly. Good old Dick explains a little about why I am a gadget freak today. It started back in my own big backyard. And now...look at me! I have the equivalent of the two-way wrist radio with my iPhone! I also have an iPad and a Kindle, a netbook, and a lovely MacBookPro. Life is good.

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