Friday, January 30, 2009

Weak Geek Seeks Peak Fitness

OK I readily admit to being a geek. I spend a LOT of time online. Here I am sitting in my lounge chair and THINKING about exercise and also about Web 2.0. What can I find for a geek seeking fitness tools?
  • Life Ledger: This blog has a lot of interesting entries about diet and exercise. It looks like one I may want to follow.
  • Promoting and Prescribing Exercise for the Elderly--This article is really for promoting exercise for elderly individuals. I was drawn to it because I am campaigning for my dad to get an evaluation by a physical therapist to be followed up with a regular exercise program. Happily, this is happening next week for him.
  • These first two are interesting but I really expected more. I revised my search terms a little and hit paydirt! Here is a great list of 15 sites!


  1. DID IT! Walked well over 30 min. from one end of campus to other (new to old) and back again!