Thursday, January 8, 2009

Waking up in 2009

Oh it really 2009? This is the longest I have ever neglected my blog. At first I was not posting because of holiday activities. Then when I felt guilty for being such a slacker, I started telling myself my first blog of the year should be REALLY GOOD, but not feeling any of my ideas were scintillating enough so postponing more. That gets me to today, when I hope to start up again no matter what! Sooo...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I will go the resolution route albeit belatedly. Two years ago my resolutions were to launch a blog, start up a wiki, and get myself over to the campus health building for regular exercise. I achieved the first two. Last year I vowed to become a Twitter user and to go to the gym. I achieved the first goal. Yes, there is a trend here. I am now entering my third year of promising to use the gym. In 2007 I did zero, zip, nada. In 2008 I did get over there ONE TIME and tour the facility which is great. I am counting that as a baby step in the right direction. I am telling myself that this year I will really, really start using, and putting it out there publicly in the hopes that doing so will spur me on.

And here are goals for this year:
  1. Post to blog at least 3 times/week (previous goal being 2/week), even if some posts are short and just sharing a link or tidbit.
  2. Yeah, yeah, get over to the gym and get with the program. Anyone who wants to email and nag me about this is encouraged to do so.
To all wishes for a HAPPY NEW YEAR as this historic and unique time in our history unfolds.

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