Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Trip Proud Again!

A while back I wrote about this expression, "trip proud" or "journey proud." It is that feeling you get when you are, as we say in Texas, FIXIN' TO go on a trip. This time my destination is not far away, just over to Austin from my Huntsville home. But I am excited because it is for one of my favorite annual events, TCEA. I love this conference and am promising myself that I will blog while there. Here are some things I am looking forward to:
  • Meeting Tweets! I have already communicated with several. It will be fun to put faces with names.
  • Librarian special interest group meeting, LIB_SIG! This meeting is one I never miss and, while I am not an officer this year, I always seem to be a bit involved with planning. Our speaker this year is Dr. Carol Simpson, copyright guru! Should be great! Also, I should mention right here that several years ago Marlene Woo-Lun and I had a conversation that ended up with Linworth Press taking us under their wing and supplying us annually with a great speaker. This ongoing support has been a huge factor in the growth of our group.
  • Presenting! I used to get very anxious about presentations but over the years have come to enjoy them more and more. I will be presenting along with my favorite sidekick, Dr. Holly Weimar. We are talking about Web 2.0 and filtering
  • Exhibits! Every time I go to a conference I tell myself I will lose all restraint over the exhibits, grabbing every freebie and losing myself to sensory overload. This time I am not even going to make that promise. Bring 'em on!
P.S. I just looked back via SEARCH for my previous "trip proud" reference...it was in June 2007 before a student travel class journey to Washington DC and New York. I sometimes forget how long I have been blogging and it was fun to reminisce. Does anybody else remember this expression? I got some responses back then to an LM_NET query which suggested it was a Southern colloquialism.


  1. I enjoyed your presentation and wish there had been a little more time for discussion. I admit to being woefully ignorant about cipa and this will motivate me to educate myself. I'm fortunate to be in a district where we can override the filter and all it usually takes is an email or phone call. I was amazed to find that we are not the norm and that it is such a hot button issue for so many districts. We use opensource software called dansguardian that was set up by our previous technology director and while it does some blocking by keyword we can unblock specific URLs or entire sites. We can also block the same way which allows us to block websites that are not only not school appropriate but are dangerous to the network. Students are allowed by most to use wikipedia but never as their only source. Change comes slowly but we seem to enjoy a level of trust that I hope will eventually extend to all. Thanks for the great information and statistics.

  2. Wish I could have seen your/Dr. Weimar's presentation at TCEA. I plan to budget for the conference next year. As far as our district I reckon the tech wizard will tighten our filter again. We are presently battling a terrible virus, my library server was offline for 1 1/2 days. Someone brought it to school via their USB flash drive. The problem is that some people (can't blame it on just students)don't take the Acceptable Use Policy seriously and ruin it for the rest of us. Not only will the filter tighten but threats to suspend Internet privileges are looming also. Can't say that I blame them-it is a mess!!!

    Never heard of "trip proud"-maybe it is a generational or geographic term?

  3. Do you tell yourself you *will* lose all restraint? (Confused...)