Friday, January 16, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

OK maybe that is an exaggeration. But...I wouldn't be the first to prematurely to make this announcement! One of my New Year's Resolutions was to go to the university health center and begin exercising. Naturally I did not mean to go over there just one time and that would be it, but that would be a beginning, right? As the 3rd year of making the same resolution began, I did at least do just that. I took myself over to the gym/exercise area and walked a brisk mile on the track, feeling very virtuous. I did this on Wednesday, and had to leave Thursday for a trip to spend the night with Dad and then go on to Laredo today for a seminar, a review, and an all day class, thus nixing my chances of going back a second time. But I am giving myself a modicum of credit. What about next week? I am just home Monday-Wednesday, then off to Denver for ALA Midwinter. I have a meeting Tuesday and plan after that to work from home with my TV home as I soak up a little bot of hope after eight heavy-hearted years. AFTER THAT...I'LL BE BAAAACK AT THE TRAAACK!

Because I do not feel good about a posting that lacks a single bit of useful and topical information, I will close be sharing a link that I just came across today: Factbites:
At first glance, it looks promising for ready reference.

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  1. Dr. B.
    Had to comment on this one with all sincerity. There are excercise rooms in most hotels with treadmills; usually in front of a TV which you could tune to any channel you desire if you get there first. Exercise does not just have to happen at the University track.

    I do miss the Discussion Board-
    See you at TLA!!
    Novella Byrd (Remember the one who forgot her Oyster Card and almost missed the train to Stratford)