Friday, January 30, 2009

Ouch! Taken to Task by Former Student

I was just gently chided by a former student for not getting with an exercise program. Novella Byrd, you are right in the comment you added to my previous entry about exercise. I am on my own case about this also. I can make an excuse and I will, but that does not negate the fact that I am neglecting something important. My excuse is the extremely challenging new job duties I have acquired in the past year. But Novella, you are right to give me a nudge. I do walk every day, but not nearly as far since my good old dog has come down with arthritis. He kept me active until very recently. Anyway, I am publicly proclaiming again my resolve to get back into an exercise schedule. Tomorrow I fly to Brownsville to help with a class, then home Sunday. Here is my latest promise. Tomorrow I will take a long brisk walk, at least 20 minutes, and hopefully 30, on campus at UTB. I will post in and either fess up or brag.

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  1. Dr. B-
    I need to fess up here myself, I am trying to get my own exercise routine back into swing. The hardest part is getting started; thank goodness the days are getting longer again. Excercise got put on the back burner during grad school; can't use that excuse since August 2008. I will get this body moving also!!
    Take care,
    Novella (Still miss Discussion Board!)