Friday, February 11, 2011

Link O'Day/Blog O'Week: The TWAIN Blog

Here it is Friday and I have not featured a blog this week for my Link O'Day series. Off I go to my Delicious marks to pick one out. The blog I just selected stood out because of its name, The TWAIN Blog. As a Mark Twain fan, I was drawn to this one and revisited. That was a trick! The blog is NOT about the author at all, though obviously the acronym is no mistake. It stands for "Technology Without an Interesting Name: An inside view to technology integration."  I originally tagged it just a little over one year ago, but have not consistently followed it. However, there are several reasons why it is a very timely choice for me. First, the blogger is from the Texas Hill Country, which is also my home base more and more these days. Second, it is about the experiences of an educational technology specialist and technology integration, and I am just starting out on a book project that is partly about ed tech. I think I will be visiting this a lot more in the near future and hopefully starting up a conversation with the author. The most recent entry is about our old friend/nemisis, Powerpoint. The blogger plans to offer summer staff development called "Powerpoint Intervention," and direct it towards folks who are still reading directly from ppt slides that are packed with dense text. Cool idea!

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