Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Link O'Day: Library Grits

I didn't need to go overseas to find a good librarian blog...but I did anyway. I have 167 blogs bookmarked at my Delicious site. This one has a name I love, though. Grits is something I can identify with as a Texas native. Furthermore, my mother always reminded me that just like her, "I have grit in my craw." Anyway, I stopped in to revisit this blog just now and the February 2 entry really resonated with me. Librarian Dianne McKenzie, of Hong Kong, notified her faculty that students in her K-12 school were lacking in research skills. This email had the result of beginning a conversation with teachers about ways to fill the gaps in student's learning. They are now planning to teach skills through interdisciplinary projects. And all this from one email to faculty! Sounds like an idea whose time has come!

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