Saturday, February 26, 2011

Link O'Day: Instapaper: Great for us procrastinators!

Instapaper can be useful for those of us who are guilty of procrastination and cursed with poor memory. I noticed it several days ago in a message board post, where it was recommended for helping keep and organize articles that you come across on the Internet but want to read later. Since I do a fair amount of Internet research, this caught my eye. What you do is go to the site and set up an account by just supplying a username and password. Then you can drag a little button that reads "Read later" up to you bookmark bar. Then every time you come accross a page you want to read later, just click the button while you are viewing the page. My first thought was, well that is all well and good, but I can just bookmark the page with Delicious if I want to go back to it. But wait! Here is a very appealing plus with Instapaper: You can choose to view it just as it appears from your browser, OR, you can click on a button called "Text" next to the article, and it comes up without the extra stuff, just nice black text on clean background with plenty of white space. You could also print from that view if you want to waste some trees. You can also get the iPhone app and also sync with Kindle. I gave it a test drive today and liked it. If you do a lot of online reading, this may be a very useful tool.

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