Saturday, December 6, 2008

Me 'n my iPhone

I was in Wal Mart when I missed my iPhone. I knew with 95% certainty that it was on the table by my chair at home. But there was that 5% that was working on me. Going to Wal Mart is a strain on my system in and of itself. I can walk in feeling great but always leave needing a nap--the place just seems to sap my energy. And today I was not even feeling great when I entered. I forced myself to finish shopping and make the two other stops I needed before going home. By the time I opened my front door, my anxiety was way over what it should have been. And yes, there was Idella iPhone, resting peacefully by the lounger. I pounced on it and found a nice long text from my daughter. Ahhhhhh...exhaling felt lovely. Now I am in the chair and settling down for a nap, dog on floor, kitty on couch, and iPhone nestled in my pocket. Do I love the thing too much? Yes. I know it can be replaced but it is so much more than a phone. It is my lifeline to all my friends and family, my texting buddy. my picture repository, my alarm clock, my friendly little entertainment center and, OK, my status symbol. I am guilty of something even more insidious than technolust, I fear...dare I say...technolove? I wonder if anybody else has similar attachment to a favorite gizmo.

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  1. I'm glad it's not just me! I am postively enamored of my iPhone.