Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I find it interesting that both Monday and Tuesday’s keynotes focused on the same word…DELIGHT! It is a point well taken that libraries and librarians should seek to offer delightful experiences and opportunities to patrons, students, and the general public. FUN should be a priority along with other more traditional values. I think there are a number of ways to do this, including special events and programs, maker spaces, coffee bars, author visits, and collaboration with student/local/academic groups and organizations. I just finished a stay at a boutique hotel in DC, The Quincy. We were greeted at the cab and ushered in by a friendly greeter/concierge. This wonderful fellow accompanied us to our room, explaining on the elevator all the special services and spaces in the hotel. Every time we re-entered the lobby we got that same warm friendly welcome. There were comfortable chairs and shelves with books to read and games to play. It was a bit of a cross between a traditional hotel and a B&B. Then we moved to a very nice, expensive, conference hotel, which is also very traditional. You have to pay for Internet access. Folks there are nice but not in the warm personal manner of the Quincy staff. Guess where we will stay if we return?

Every term I try to focus on one goal with my students, in additional to the expected duties of a prof. This term I vowed to be more encouraging. I really bent over backwards to work with students who were plying me with questions, remembering especially with brand new students what a culture shock it is to become a student after years as a teacher. I now have my focus for next term: DELIGHT! I am going to try extra hard to provide DELIGHT to students. We need to have more fun!

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