Monday, April 27, 2015


This session, via Internet@School Track, really resonated with me. I have played around with Hour of Code a couple of times, in a very disultory fashion. It has been something that never quite hooked me in as a topic to pursue in depth. I think part of the reason has been the face that I am NOT a logical person. My left brain must be pretty neglected. Also, I could not see how I personally would use it as a public school teacher or as a professor preparing school librarians. So I chalked it up as something cool that I might look into but....likely not. This presentation made me really think again. It provided a raft of resources online that I want to explore and share with students. It gave me ideas for using with students. One of my favorite ideas was to create an animated poem. Several of the apps shared are ones I want to at least sample. These include:
Raspberry Pi
Lightbot (seems easiest and thus my first planned foray)

Hour of Code....I'm coming back to you!!

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