Tuesday, February 14, 2012

LOVE Post 5: Love LM_NET

Since today is Valentine's Day, I feel like I should blog about something I really, REALLY love. That brought LM_NET to mind. I  have such a great fondness for this group. I went looking for history of the group and found an interview with co-founder Peter Milbury in School Library Journal back in 2007: http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/article/CA6498080.html
Here's a trenchant quotation: "LM_NET is probably the most successful electronic educational network in the history of the Internet." I believe it!

The last time I saw a membership count for the group, it was 16,000. The number is likely more today. This community for library media specialists is a combination support group, fount of information, social network, and occasionally debate arena. It has brought me more benefits than any other resource I can bring to mind. Because of LM_NET, I have been able to complete dozens of valuable surveys that have helped me with writing and presentations. It has made me laugh on  gloomy days. One memorable year it led me to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for two weeks of Internet training in the company of an amazing librarians from across the United States. It has answered questions little and big. And fast! I am always amazed at how quickly I get responses when I ask a question of the group. 

LM_NET is not colorful and enticing with Web 2.0 features. There are no profile pictures or, for that matter, any images at all. It is just old school black and white text.  And that text brings me common sense, ideas, tips, resources, answers, and collegiality every sing day. Right to my mailbox. Thanks LM_NET, you are my Valentine!

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