Sunday, February 12, 2012

LOVE Post 4: Love Shortcuts!

I love finding nifty new tools that are time/worksavers. Here is one shared via LM_NET, thanks to Gwen Lehman of Larned KS. I am just pasting in her description:

"I've been seeing some info showing up on apps and looking for free ones. Here is a little tip I learned that has helped narrow my searches. Type the following in your browser URL box:
After the backslash, type in what you are searching.  For example, dictionary or math.  You can then add a + and type in free or a grade.  Hit return and it will take you to iTunes with your search results.

I just gave it a try. In the window I added "+photo+free" and presto, I got a ton of free photo editing apps to use on my iPhone. These will be so much fun for using with my current favorite pastime, Instagram! Next I tried "+library" and got a mix since many apps use the word "library" in their names, such as "fitness library." But I did get a bunch of libraries, including LOC.

Next I tried Gwen's blog:
Tech Tidbits blog <>
Great stuff there! I feel like I have found two great new resources, the blog and the search tool. They are too good to keep to myself!

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