Sunday, March 20, 2011

Texas Wildflower Links

I always wish that school spring break holidays could coincide with wildflower season in Texas, but they always seem to be at least a week early. Driving from San Marcos to Huntsville yesterday I did see some flowers, especially around Brenham where they are such a big deal. There were even people out taking pictures. I thought on the first day of spring it might be nice to share some wildflower links. Spring IS going to show up this year...I know it is hard to believe in some parts of country but it has arrived in Texas and I am happy to send springtime wishes to friends across the country.

Wildflower Sightings

Identifying flowers


  1. It's not only the season of spring, but it's also time for the dreaded Spring Cleaning projects that we procrastinated all winter over. I thought it would be a neat idea to share, which a website to help oneself become better organized.

    Amy Moore/IMLS Yellow

  2. Spring is the most awesome time of the year! I love to work in my flower beds, spring clean, change the furniture around and the decorations, anything to refresh and spruce up both the inside and outside. I found the following link to help in both areas: