Saturday, April 2, 2011

Repeated Posting of Previous Message

NOTE: Due to some formatting errors, the previous posting appeared twice. I have deleted the 2nd rendition, but am leaving this behind because of the comments attached.


  1. Dr. Bell,
    In regards to the assaults on education and school librarians, would you say that we are in uncharted waters? It seems that schools have always been under some sort of pressure to cut programs and I can't ever remember having a "prosperous time" in terms of funding--at least not in my experience. I guess to put it simply, is this the toughest time you have ever seen?

  2. AJ, this is by far the worst I have ever seen, even though I think we need to strive for balance and take into account that many districts are trying to do the right thing. Never have I seen a governor or legislature that was making cuts to basic services to this extent. I have never seen wholesale layoffs of educators. I DO think some districts are overreacting since the budget has not even been approved. Some districts are taking an easy way out by cutting positions rather than making hard decisions that involve looking harder for money. U might add that my mother was a teacher too. And I never knew of any such occurrences when I was growing up.