Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bye-Bye Spring Break Blues

Alas, the end of spring break. As always I engage in a angst-ridden litany of things NOT done that I meant to do...
1. Back up all my files in the cloud.
2. Read those books I checked out for research.
3. Play around a lot more with iPad and apps.
4. Post blog entries (after one last Sunday).
5. Clean out my email files.
6. Buy a lawn mower.
7. Tweet...did not tweet even once
8. Take my taxes in to be finished up.
9. Shop (purposely avoided, a good thing in my opinion)

NOW to cheer myself up, here is a list of things I DID do...
1. Wrote first draft of article due in couple weeks.
2. Kept up with grading for classes.
3. Managed some department issues from a distance.
4. Took walks in the woods every day.
5. Went to Luckenbach.
6. Took dog swimming in San Marcos River.
7. Visited with brother and wife.
8. Visited with daughter and fiance every day.
9. Made arrangements to build new deck on back of house.
10. Slept when I felt like it.
11. Enjoyed a lot of Texas music.
12. Took bike in for repair.
13. Saw bluebonnets and primroses on drive home yesterday.
14. Bought vegetables to plant
15. Fertilized garden
16. Wrote this entry on last day of break.

I guess things went pretty well, all things considered. I wonder what other people did/didn't do?


  1. Mary Ann,

    Looks like a busy and productive break. The walks alone should make you proud.

    I've been using Mozy to back up my files to the cloud but may switch to DropBox - neither, once set up, require much attention.

    Have a wonderful wildflower season,


  2. I caught up on reviews, cleaned my yard up, planted tomatoes, and knitted.

    I feel too guilty to post what I didn't do.

  3. I spent most of my vacation doing homework and school work, but I did feel so good about what I got done. I usually like to have a big spring clean. I guess I am saving that for June this year.

  4. I work at a year round school, so we actually get two weeks off for Spring Break. I spent the first week at another school library working on my internship hours and the second week at the public library. I really enjoyed the time at the libraries. I was able to spend some quality time with my girls as well, so overall it was a great break.

  5. Wanda Smith yellow IMLSMarch 30, 2011 at 5:18 PM

    I spent a couple of days with my grandchildren in Galveston at Moody Gardens. Then, it was back home to homework and work.