Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tonight's Debate--My Current Events Report

Tonight I did four things while watching:
  • Texted with my daughter in Oregon
  • Texted with my friend Debbie in Austin
  • Twittered with my tweets
  • Participated with live chat with Austin American Statesman newspaper readers.
Again I just have to mention how much interacting in these ways while watching adds to the experience of watching something like a presidential debate. The new dimension was the live chat and it was very well moderated by Alberta Phillips. Not sure what her title is, but she did a nice job of moving things along. The thing that was interesting about this experience was that there were people from both sides of the fence. The tone was generally quite courteous, and it was interesting to get comments from McCain and Obama backers both. What did I think? Well, most of the participants favored Obama, and the online polls they put up during the chat were in his favor also. But I would say this one thing for sure...from that group, not one single mind was changed. We all went in with our opinions and left with them intact. As they said just now on MSNBC, the big winner is...JOE THE PLUMBER.

I am grateful for the chances to vent to my tweets and also interact with people from all sides via live chat with Austinites.

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