Saturday, October 25, 2008

Site Sharing From Student Assignments AGAIN

Once again I am sharing noteworthy sites gleaned from students in my Internet for Librarians class.
  • National Register of Historic Places Hispanic Heritage Month...I included this, one of many good sites about Hispanic heritage, because I never realized what a wealth of information is out there via National Register of Historic Places/National Park Services to teach history via historical sites.
  • Here's a nice easy way to chat with a group without downloading anything--Chatmaker:
  • This is a great online newsletter maker! It starts out free and then has paid upgrades. If a student wanted to use it for an assignment, it would be a fun and free option:
  • Be Funky! Here is a fun sight with all kinds of fun things to do with a computer. Great for projects, etc.
  • Finally, here is one more site. It is not actually from a student. It is from a Tweet! This person picked me up to follow and I in turn went to his site: Fantas'tic' Blog Nice job!
I know I have said this before, but it is inspiring to see all the great resources we have to use and share. Kudos to all I visited!

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