Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lucky Me, Grading Papers

I DO love to grade papers! I learn so much from my students. Already today, after opening up just one Annotated Bibliography assignment, I have some links to share:
  • Nature Songs: Nature Recordings and Photography: I could spend way too much time at this site. The files are OK for educational use, as is clearly stated in the Terms of Use. I started out with the sounds and thought they would be my favorites, but just now looked at his photography. There are some truly delightful shots, which make me think he must be the absolute soul of patience. I tried to learn more about Doug Von Gausig but did not succeed in finding a satisfying bio. Clearly he is a photographer and nature lover who also sells photographic and sound equipment and sound CD's. I wish he offered more about himself than the fact he lives in Arizona, but cannot fault his work. Some of his photos of birds catch them in mid-song or other activity and are well worth a visit to his site.
  • Big Huge Labs: Actually this site is NOT new to me but it has been ages since I used it, and do not think I have previously mentioned it here. This site is great for playing around with your Flickr images. You can do fun things with them such as make personalized name badges (new since I last visited), make mosaics, make magazine covers, etc. It is one of the reasons I stick with Flickr. My problem is finding enough time to "play around" with images at all.
  • Project Gutenburg: Again NOT a new site...but when were you last over there? Again it has been ages for me. While I may not have visited lately, plenty of other teachers have. That is clear from the top 100 downloads from yesterday. Lots were for class assignments, I feel sure.
  • Here is a great article about Internet safety. This is, of course, a current focus of mine, and I am very grateful to the student who selected it for one of her journal readings. The title is Online Safety Summit Emphasizes Community Collaboration, and it can be found at EdWeek at this URL:
  • So here's to you, Rio Grande Valley students, great job on work so far!

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