Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Singing Praises to My Tweets

Tonight I watched the debate, the "Town Hall" with Tom Brokaw. I started to go downtown and watch at party headquarters, but opted for my recliner. I was afraid that they might not watch on my favorite channel! Yes, I get worked up about politics. This goes back to my early memories of my dad being our county's party chairman and my family working in the polls, doing everything from sharpening pencils (me) to counting votes (Dad, with witnesses). Anyway, even though I stayed home I was not alone. I was in constant contact with a number of smart, funny, and observant folks, my Tweets! I will admit that those participating in our exchange were like minded. I am sure there were similar discussions going on elsewhere in the Twitterverse that were very different from mine. And that is well and good. I just felt like mentioning that tonight for me was a striking example of how Twitter can be a rewarding The comments were a mix of serious and funny, and being able to exchange impressions with the immediacy that Twitter offers, gave an added dimension to the experience. Also, if I had been at the debate party, while I would have been in good company, making comments out loud would have caused us to miss other things that were said. Many of the nuances of the contest that we mentioned are now talking points for the talking TV heads. But we were there discussing it right when it was happening! So...thanks Tweets, you ruled tonight!

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  1. Enjoyed it. Now it is fun watching the independent panels all switching votes back and forth to screw with the hosts. See ya next debate.