Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Question o'day

Piggybacking someone else's query...James Lerman just asked this on EDTECH...what is the opposite of linear thinking? I thought I would toss this out as a question here. Whatever the opposite is, it is what I do. My thinking is very often, uh, scattered at best...


  1. I call it squiggly. That's me!

  2. I like "Hyper Linking Thinking". It is what we are doing whenever we read internet pages - jumping from link to link and possibly never returning to finish the rest of the linear text posted in that page we started with. Is anyone researching this? I feel that we are having to deal with information presented in a very different way. Some of our skills work - but some of them hinder us. Surely there needs to be a new batch of reading techniques that need to be taught. What do the reading specialists say??