Friday, June 20, 2008

Fixin' to Read

When I visit a library or books store, I have a similar reaction to when I visit a dessert bar...I want everything! As my mother used to say, my eyes are bigger than my stomach, or bookshelf as the case may be. Yesterday I treated myself to visiting the newly renovated Houston Public Library Central Branch in downtown Houston ( What a wonderful trip that was! I plan to devote another entry to the facility itself. But while I was there, I got the bright idea to take pictures with my iPhone of books that I picked up and wanted to take. I no longer have an HPL card, and am leaving town in a week anyway, but these are books that were on display and called out to me. I have uploaded the pictures of the covers to a my flickr site, with the group called "Fixin' to Read." If you are from Texas, you know that is how we say "planning" or "intending" to do something. The actual act could occur in several seconds, several days, or never. But it is something you are considering at least.

To see covers and brief comments, click on this blog entry title and get to my flickr page. Once there, if you click on "detail" you get the comments I made about each title. If you have read one of the books, I would love your comments!


  1. Re fixin to: I had to leave one rural district when I heard (even worse than fixin to)"We're fittena read...." Country time!

  2. You could also be the librarian who "heps" people.

    Now, thanks to you Dr. Bell, there are people in London who are fixin' to read!