Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Remembering Rebecca

Losing a student is never easy. In some ways it is analogous to a parent losing a just seems to fly in the face of your natural expectations. Our program lost a wonderful young woman this week. As her professor in several classes, I knew her as a hardworking, diligent student who was very active in class discussion. Then she joined my travel study group last summer. One of my greatest rewards of teaching this class is that I get to know trippers in a totally new way. I learned that Rebecca was funny and energetic, full of life, good natured, and a joy to be with. She was an organizer and invaluable resource when we were in New York City, since she had grown up nearby. If it had not been for Rebecca, we would not have gone to Yankee Stadium for a game, which turned out to be a high point of the trip. She and my daughter are exactly the same age. Too young to be leaving family and friends! In her case, this loss is compounded by the fact that she leaves behind a new baby daughter who will not get to know her, to hear her sing, to have fun with her. As I write this, her funeral is taking place. I just wanted her to know I was thinking of her at this very time.

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  1. Dr. Bell...
    This post brought tears to my eyes for a few reasons. While I didn't have classes with Rebecca, I read of her passing and was saddened all the same. This post is the very reason that I am so proud to be a student at SHSU. I am graduating in December...and while I'm excited about not having such a heavy workload, I'm sad too. All of the professors in the department take a genuine interest in their students...and this post is a testament to that fact. Thank you for being you.

    Teresa Schauer