Sunday, October 20, 2013

LEADING UP TO IL2013: Tweaking Presentations...Do You Do It Too?

I wonder if all writers and presenters do this...I am addicted to tweaking articles and presentations. When counting down to a due date for submission or presentation, I find I cannot leave the thing alone. I keep going back and playing with it...changing images, rewording, adding, cutting, etc. Part of this is due to my obsessive-compulsive nature I guess, but another thing is that the more I think about a topic, the more I come across relevant information that I decide MUST be added. This is the case with my upcoming preso about using badges in schools and libraries. I uploaded my "finished" product several days ago and since then I have come across more information that seems both compelling and necessary. A lot has come out about this topic since I first started exploring it over a year ago. Thus I will be uploading again today or tomorrow with several new additions, and confess that may not be the last time. I will post another blog entry soon about badging in general but right now this brief posting is to ask how common is the practice of obsessively revising right down to the last minute. I don't think I'm you do the same?


  1. The inimitable Doug Johnson just emailed me with a comment. Not sure why he couldn't get it to post here but totally jazzed as always to hear from him. Here is what he said:
    HI Mary Ann,

    If if makes you feel any better, I am a compulsive tweaker as well. I can't leave anything alone - always updating, rearranging, or wordsmithing. I just hope it makes the final - or at least published - product better.


  2. Ah, me tooo!!! OCD about presentations and always tweaking them. Ive taken to creating a Google Doc for handouts so that I can continuously add to it as new info becomes available. I want to add the most cutting edge information available, even after the pres is DONE and OVER.