Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Writing Full Circle

Back in the 1990's and even early 2000's I was an avid computer user, but still could not compose and write online. I had to write a piece in longhand and then key it in, often revising as I went. This served me well. I wrote my entire dissertation this way. On one memorable day I got very inspired and literally wrote for hours, running all the ink out of my pen. I expect this would always be THE WAY for me to write something important. Then at some point I realized I was composing online. I no longer needed to write out on paper first, and I dropped the step. Yesterday I was writing a thank-you note, and I wanted it to be just right because it was for very special hospitality on the part of wonderfully welcoming people. I had bought a nice card that seemed to hit the right note. I decided that I wanted to be sure I knew what I was going to say before I put pen to card, so I composed the note online and revised. THEN I copied that onto the card without any cross-outs. After I finished, I realized I have completed a circle. Now I have to write on computer before I feel good about penning something important. Interesting.


  1. Sometimes I compose on the computer and sometimes I write long hand. I guess it depends on where I'm at at the time. Sometimes it is easier to write it out in my notebook than to pull out my laptop. The consistent thing in both processes though is my editing. I edit while I write in both instances. My notebook has major scratch outs and circles and arrows all over. When I'm on the computer I feel like I'm constantly backspacing and rewording my writing.

  2. I just type so much faster than handwrite that I went to "think on the computer, then write it out" ages ago.
    I was very relieved to discover when I'm actually compiling information from zillions of places -- like the "research paper" with index cards in days of yore -- that I could just take notes on powerpoint slides in the same way, print 'em out nine to a page, and go throught he same organization processes.
    Great question :)

  3. nudge nudge -- are you less sedentary today? :-)