Monday, January 2, 2012

Are You making New Year's Resolutions? I have ONE and It's Important!

I follow Daily Infographic, and this is a great posting:
I am taking the advice offered and only making ONE resolution. I will accompany it with several things I HOPE I will do. Here is my one single resolution: SIT LESS--BE LESS SEDENTARY. This resolve actually is triggered by another recent Daily Infographic called Sitting is Killing You: It hit me hard right before the holidays that I sit way too much, and I blogged about it then. This chart made me realize how very sedentary I have become. In fact I have to admit to being downright lazy. It's a nasty habit, I fear, and one that could shorten my life. The resolution chart's advice is to make the goal measurable, specific, and realistic so I am setting a bench line of 4 exercise days a week as opposed to my old 3, which I wasn't hitting anyway. Beyond that, though, I want to work on a habit to get up and move around more when I am working at home or in office. So when you see me in my office, nag me to get up and do a flight of stairs or something!

Here are two HOPES:
1. Be more regular with blog entries. Not setting a number but just putting out the intention for myself.
2. Organize my life--finances, home responsibilities, health maintenance, etc. Again no bench mark.

My final hope is that I make progress on these things! If you made resolutions, I wish you well with them too!

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  1. My one resolution is to blog everyday.

    My hopes are:
    Eat a healthier diet
    Read 200 books