Sunday, February 10, 2008

Six word novel...can you create???

At least I could come up with a six word title for this entry! The article that prompts this challenge is in today's Houston Chronicle after first appearing in Los Angeles Times. I think I have heard of this exercise before, but this article is a fun read because of the examples. I just posted about this to LM_NET, TLC, and EDTECH, saying:

Yes, I am a newspaper fanatic. Here is a super fun premise: Write a novel in 6 words. What a great exercise! I am going to blog about this. Would love to have your 6 word masterpieces. I would be doing this with my students tomorrow if I were still in a public school. Since I am not, I will do it with my MLS students! is the URL for this article, called "Short on words, deep in meaning: Write a novel in six words? Try it" To get to the article, just click on the title of today's entry above.

I am hoping to see some fun responses to this little challenge!

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