Sunday, February 10, 2008

Important Article about Kids and Reading

I posted earlier today to LM_NET, TLC, and EDTECH about an article that originally ran in The Washington Post. It is likely appearing in a number of papers today, one being Houston Chronicle. Here is the content of my post called MUST READ TODAY with pertinent information:

I NEVER use caps in a subject line...oops just used them again. The minute I saw a leader for this column, before I even turned to it, I knew it would be something that librarians will want to discuss. I read the blurb with a bit of dismay, then found the article. The blurb, on the front of Houston Chronicle's Outlook Section (my fave part of paper after comics) said: "Read and weep: No wonder our kids are reading less. I am, too, confesses a high school librarian." Naturally I went right to the article. It does bear our reading and discussing. The URL for reading it from my paper will be provided, but the article which first appeard in The Washington Post, is certainly found elsewhere. Here is one location for it:
Actually Thomas Washington does not say anything that we have not said before, but since this piece is out there for everyone to read, we should know about it. Cheers!--mabell--

I would most certainly be interested in any comments about this article and hope lots of librarians and people who care about books and reading will give it a look. It is not as pessimistic as the title/blurb sound. Instead, Washington says what many of us are saying, that the way we read, write, and communicate is changing and that librarians, educators, and bibliophiles should take note.

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