Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wearing Red on First Friday in February

I will be wearing red tomorrow and hope that many will take a moment to remember the importance of heart disease awareness, especially for women. In 2000 I was uninformed about this issue and failed to recognize my own symptoms which indicated congestive heart failure. They are much different from heart attack symptoms, which I believe are more commonly known. The solution for me was an artificial heart valve, and I am here today because of this implant of a small gizmo to do the job of my own badly damaged mitral valve. I am glad to be alive at a time when technology exists to provide such life-saving procedures. I am also grateful to an online support group,, which gives support to people undergoing this surgery and their families. If you know someone who is facing open heart surgery to replace or repair a valve, do refer them to this group:
Also, think about wearing red tomorrow!

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