Friday, January 25, 2008

Follow-up About Testing the Web 2.0 Waters

I posted a query to EDTECH, LM_Net, and TLC related to yesterday's blog entry where I asked how people would present Web 2.0 resources to a newcomer who was entering the waters very gingerly, first dipping a toe, the steeping out knee deep, etc. I did get some very nice responses. One person suggested that a first step should be, which I think is a great next thing after learning about blogs. Several people reminded me of two super resources presented by The Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenberg: Learning 2.0 Blog and Learning 2.1 Blog.
Another similar tutorial is presented by MESQUITE, TX ISD and has a great title, Learning Through Play.

As always I am grateful for everyone's tips. I am still working on my presentation, but it is up in a rough form at my wiki which has the same name as my blog, For Whom the Bell Told.


  1. Learning Through Play is actually from Mesquite ISD, not Lewisville.

  2. It sure is and I KNEW that! I had just been thinking about Lewisville for another reason, had been in contact with someone up that way, and mistakenly keyed in the wrong town. I am going to go back and edit my entry but also leave your comment in mine to make 100% clear who should get credit for this great initiative. Thanks!