Thursday, January 17, 2008

Great Day!

Like John Denver sang and yes I know he is smarmy and remembering this song dates me, "Some Days Are Diamonds..." I am having a super day! Here is why!
  • I am getting a MacBook Air! Just found out I could request and get one through my dept. at work!
  • The iTalk mike for my iPod came in today!
  • I am finally feeling like I have my ducks in a row for my special class Saturday. It is the first class meeting for a very remarkable group, recipients of our STEP (South Texas Educational Program) Grant, which was awarded by IMLS, Institute of Museum and Library Sciences. This event comes after seeking the grant for over two years and then selecting 20 recipients from over 100 applications.
  • I have gotten a number of great responses at my various online presences, including here, my WetPaint Book Lust page, and email from LM_NET, EDTECH, and TLC. and comments from my Twitter Tweets!
  • I got an email from the dorm director that our travel study class for this summer in London is on track, and that my favorite friend there still works at the dorm desk.
  • I found my glasses in the dirt out by the street where they fell while I was taking out trash last night.
Every now and then I am fortunate to have a day when things just fall into place, and I am grateful to be able to savor such days. Hope you are having a good one when you read this!

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