Thursday, May 17, 2007

What kind of librarian critter are you?

I was looking around today for additional writings by Lisa Von Drasek since my students are visiting her as part of our travel study class this coming June. She is, of course, children's librarian at The Bank Street School. This will be my second time to bring a group to the school and what a wonderful place it is! Visiting there is a high point for our trip. Anyway, I came across an article about her in SLJ called "Split Personality."
She describes her personality as "extremely terrier-like." This got me wondering about my dog/librarian personality. I would like to say I am like my best friend Ringo, featured on this page, but that is not true. He is very laid-back, and a master at relaxation, as well as being a hunk of burning love for just about everybody he meets. I must admit that is not exactly me. I suspect my personality is more that of a border collie...prone to worry and more than a little weird at times. I am not as bad as my dear old BC Maxx, who was literally afraid of the sky (there are mockingbirds! and horseflies!! and sweet gum balls that fall from trees!!!), but I am not exactly laid-back either. Anyway, I would love comments from visitors. What kind of dog (or other creature) are you on the job?


  1. I am a Bouvier Des Flandres library dog. I spend most of my day herding kids, I am patient and friendly unless I perceive danger, I am sensitive and try to please those around me (family and extended family), I am active and always ready to go, and when I start a job, I am diligent until it gets done. I am watchful of everything going on around me and I am alert to what is going on around me. I bark when I feel pressed upon and when I need to get the kid's attention. I am gentle in nature and kind (most days) and I am stoic, and don't have any "quit" in me. Yep, that's me, the Bouvier Library Dog.

  2. What kind of dog? Probably a St. Bernard. Large, hairy, friendly, slow and plodding at times, but frequently involved in rescuing those stranded and floundering in a sea of info-trash.

    Although, if you were asking what animal rather than what dog, I'd have to say a bear. Large, hairy, comes out of his cave (office) to growl occasionally, protective of cubs (those who work for me), something of a loner (department of one on campus, not a 'joiner' or socializer), lumbering.

    Mark WIlliams, retired librarian

  3. I would have to say a tiger cat. Curious, constantly checking out anything new, occasionally catching a mouse, (Or playing with my "toy" mouse), keeping my staff and students comfortable but able to use my claws well. Since I have a giant tree in my library....mmmm.

  4. I am reluctant to admit this, but I guess I am probably a little like my own dogs. Ginger and Skipper are brother and sister and they are a rat/fox terrier mix. They drive me crazy with their ADHD tendencies and manic behavior. (I even have to crate them at night, or they would make the neighbors insane with their incessant barking at what could only be the voices in their little heads) I am a little like this in my library, I think. I LOVE my job. I am a huge believer in matching each kid with the book that is just right for them, and it's my mission to do that with everyone that comes into my library. I am lucky enough to work in a very small 1-A library, so this is actually almost do-able. (Hmmmm, I wonder if my students ever think about crating ME?)