Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saturday, May 19 Night Sky: Crescent Moon and Venus

What a magical sight on a wonderful night! My daughter Emily is visiting from Portland, OR, and we went down to Rice Village in Houston, TX for a little shopping and snack. Walking out of Mi Luna tapas restaurant (what a coincidence!) we looked up and saw an amazing sight. It was the bright crescent moon in a dark clear sky, with an amazingly bright heavenly body just off the lower tip. We debated over what it was? Satellite? Star? Planet? and finally decided it had to be a planet, but which one? Today, relaxing on the back porch, I took time to check online. As you might expect, I quickly found my answer: this was an unusual alignment of the moon and Venus. Supposedly you can see a slightly lesser version of this tonight, May 20, and a similar occurrence on June 18. Mark is worth it! AND, for a great website, go to the link above. It was somehow also magical to me to feel a connection with all the people across the country who posted in with comments on what they were doing when they were equally amazed by the sight. We may be different in many ways across this wide country, but we all feel awed by such a beautiful sight. Check the link for all the great comments, and add one if you saw it too!

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  1. I have to admit I saw this and wondered (but only to myself) if this was unusual or was it how it looked every night. Shame on my self doubt that kept me from not appreciating this beautiful sight. I will however by looking and telling my family about the sight on June 18th.