Monday, May 7, 2007

Shamed by my slow postings...

I did post in once last week, but I am not keeping up the pace I would really like. Right now I have been grading, grading papers and projects as my students near the end of term. But I had such big plans! I am going to try for numerous very short postings instead of putting off until I have time to do something longer, or at least in addition to longer posts. My inspiration for this is a wonderful librarian whose blog I just learned about from a student who followed it for an assignment...Donnell (NYC) Library's Children's Librarian blog fusenumber8. As my student pointed out SHE posts nearly EVERY DAY. I went over there and sure enough it is true, and brings shame on my paltry efforts. If you want to check a really super blog, go here:

AND I will try to do better. Hey! I already posted twice today!


  1. You have run up against the bloggers dilemma. Do I write a post because I haven't posted in awhile or because I have something to say?
    I've been doing more of the first lately but not because I have nothing to say - like you I am busy with some real life things right now but they will find their way to my blog eventually.

  2. Dr. Bell, don’t feel bad about having slow postings; I just decided to join your blog and I regret not doing so before. Well, I posted on discussion board that I saw your blog and you have good information all you need is for people to start responding to your postings. Maybe you should mention to all of your classes and have an assignment so they will be obligated to at least look at it. I am in your 596 and you have an assignment that requires a blog, but I’m sure a lot of the classmates will go to blgs that have nothing to do with librarianship or technology. I procrastinated joining a blog because the ones I look at were not interesting, or at least they did not catch my attention for one reason or another. Well, I like the idea of having a blog; I teach computer applications at the high school level and would love to have a blog site, but we are not allowed to do this. I’ve mentioned in discussion board how frustrating it is having so many restrictions; administration does not understand that we are only hurting the students and limiting their communication skills. I had never been to a blog before until I started the LS masters program and this is just such a wonderful tool for all educators. I would really like to introduce blogs to my class; I’m looking into going to the main IT office for the district and give my input regarding this issue, hopefully they’ll listen. Administrators only see the negative side of communicating online, which is one of the reasons they have argued in the past and I see their point, but they do not see the educational side of it. Again, I will try and keep you posted as to what they tell me; I don’t have a good feeling about it, but will give it a try one more time.