Tuesday, February 13, 2007


On February 7, Holly Weimar and I presented a session at TCEA called “FUN, NEW & FREE IDEAS AND SERVICES VIA THE INTERNET.” TCEA stands for Texas Computer Educators Association. We offered a fast romp through a number of new and exciting web sites for educators and students. The URL for the presentation is http://www.shsu.edu/~lis_mah/documents/TCEA07/tceagreatstuff07.html

The first part of the presentation covered the first two groupings of websites on the above page, which are particularly directed at teachers, teacher training and professional reading. Holly has a particular interest in professional reading, which is the topic of her dissertation. She was extremely prepared and thorough in presenting information and special features for each site highlighted. I wound up the session with a fast tour of the rest of the sites, emphasizing those with Web 2.0 properties. As is the case with many sessions at this large conference, we filled all seats in the room and people were turned away. The response afterwards was quite heartening, and I suspect that this type of presentation that I will continue to offer, hopefully along with soon-to-be DOCTOR Weimar. Also as always when I present, Nancy Pearl Library Action Figure made an appearance. She stood on the podium while I talked and was even invited to pose in some pictures afterwards! She has a magnetic personality. We had lots of fun with the presentation. If you are looking for some different, exciting and fun web sites, try out some of the ones listed at my page. They are locations I have just come across lately. I learned about many of them at the Multimedia&Internet@School Conference this fall, and others were shared by listserv members from LM_NET, EDTECH, and TLC.


  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog and I also enjoyed your presentation at TCEA. I would recommend this young man's blog - he reviews a lot of web 2.0 websites and online tools and does a very thorough job. See you next year at the convention!


  2. thanks for the nice comment...and more importantly the great list of information.

  3. Well sorry about that - I guess I should have included the link to the young man's blog - http://www.solutionwatch.com/

    Guess I'm slipping!