Thursday, February 1, 2007

I Love Books Too!

My colleague Teri Lesesne has so much fun blogging about books. I am sure you know her blog, "The Goddess of YA Literature" at
Well I cannot compete but I like to talk about books too! I especially enjoy adult fiction and YA titles. When I was a school librarian I was very much up on all the titles. But since I moved over into technology for my specialty, I cannot claim to be current any more. BUT here are two titles I read and enjoyed recently:
  • Some Old Lover's Ghost by Julie Lennox. It is hardly new, and I bought a used copy a couple of years ago at my favorite bookstore in the world, Powell's in Portland Oregon ( I finally picked it up over the holidays. It is certainly a mystery but more than that it is a human interest story, about love gone wrong and people's complicated lives. The characters are very well drawn and appealing with a realistic mix of good and bad. I can tell this is a book I will remember for a long time, unlike more formulaic mysteries that are fun but hardly memorable.
  • The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde had me laughing out loud. I downloaded this one to my iPod and listened to it in my beloved Honda CRV, Yolanda Honda, which has a built in iPod connection. Even though I was very worried about my dad, who was in the hospital after a fall during the time I listened to it, I still found myself littering shouting out with laughter! In order to enjoy this book and its predecessor, The Big Over Easy: A Nursery Crime Mystery. You certainly have to suspend disbelief and buy into the notion that nursery characters live and breathe in modern England. Bears are a minority group trying to gain equal rights with humans. Some nefarious goings-on with exploding cucumbers baffle Inspector Jack Spratt and his assistant, Mary Mary. Once you get into the spirit, these two books are hilarious. I cannot wait for the next!

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