Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Power of Images

One of my ongoing interests is infographics. I love the many cool informational images that are available on the web. I think they are great for working with students of all ages, both to show and share, and also to have them create their own. Today I was struck by the impact of one such graphic on me personally. There is a great site called Daily Infographic (, which offers just what it says. The one I happened upon is called Sitting Down is Killing You ( For some reason it really grabbed me and made me think about something I already knew...that I am far too sedentary. Because of this graphic I got out of my recliner on Saturday, the first day of Christmas Break. I mowed the grass and swept the walks. Then I took my good boy dog for a walk. I am almost positive I would not have done any of that if not for the graphic. That's pretty powerful! I think I feel a New Year's Resolution coming on...

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