Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What a Great Day!

It may appear like I engineered my previous post as a set-up for this one, but I am not that much of a planner, especially when it comes to this space and my somewhat sporadic postings. But the other day I wrote about "story being the killer app," and then yesterday I was lucky enough to get to hear Laurie Halse Anderson and Jon Scieszka speak. The occasion was the newly named Jan Paris Book Fest. This is actually the 37th year for the conference to be offered by Sam Houston State University Department of Library Science, but this is the first year under the new name. Dr. Jan Paris was the founder of the conference and also the person who originated the Texas Bluebonnet Award. I think she would be proud to be remembered this way.

Another big change was that we held the conference in Corpus Christi rather than in Huntsville. This change was the vision of Dr. Holly Weimar and Dr. Tricia Kuon, who organized the event. The reason was to provide an opportunity for our South Texas and Rio Grande Valley students and alumni to attend. And come they did! Every seat in the ESC Region 2 Center was full. There were also workshops and poster sessions to round out the perfect day. In a time when funds are limited and travel is a luxury many cannot afford, it is very encouraging to see this event florish. I want to talk about both speakers in two more blog entries so I can do justice to their presentations. But here's to a great day, a great conference, and two unforgettable keynote addresses. And special thanks to Drs. Kuon and Weimar for your hard work!

Nancy Pearl was right in the thick of things, of course. Above she is at the dinner the night before, enjoying some dessert.

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