Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Timely piece to share: "People of Color" by Linda Herring Behrend

One cool thing about Facebook is that you reconnect with many people. My daughter had a wonderful English teacher in high school for a couple of AP classes. They happened to share the last name, Herring. When Linda moved away, I lost track of her but then Emily found her former mentor on FB. It is nice to know she is happy and doing well. Here is a piece she wrote this week. that I think contains a message we can all appreciate:


People without color,
Those pale souls so colored by blood,
Stains of that un-Civil War,
A war over a workforce:
The abuse of human muscle lashed by the un-human colorless.

Almost 150 years hence, some still wish for plantation ‘splendor,’
Scarlet stained blood of ones of color.
Lily white hands stained by the scarlet savagery of slavery.

Centuries later, the stains remain,
Re-bloodied by each act of savagery.

The colorless pray for a heaven unavailable to them
So bloodied by the bane of slavery.

Until all are of color, the color of kindness and kinship.
Until that day…

Thank you, Linda, for allowing me to share this here. Emily and I remain among your most fervent fans!

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