Friday, September 18, 2009

Digital Natives: Wonderful WONDERFUL Video!

Recently I posted an entry here and also to the Classroom 2.0 Ning about digital natives. ( I got several very nice responses at the ning and one more here. My question was...what do kids know, and also what do the NOT know? My contention is that they do indeed have an affinity for technology that "digital immigrants" do not have. Also they do have a fearlessness and desire to use tech at school. BUT they lack important other information including how to search efficiently, how to evaluate material, and how to be safe and smart online.

Here is a video that was shared along with some other response over at Classroom 2.0, and super thanks to Doug Valentine for sharing:

To view the whole conversation, go here:

I would love to have more conversation/comments, either here or at the Ning. One thing that has not been addressed is the concern I have that part of what kids do NOT know is how to be safe and smart online. We need to be teaching that much more, I contend.

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