Thursday, September 11, 2008

Uh When I Said Heroes I Meant...

Regarding my previous posting and the title "Filtering Heroes..." I did post to LM_NET and TLC and asked for names of other people who could be resources for educators seeking increased Internet access, and I got chastised a little via private email. I do appreciate the fact that this person did not post publicly. The gist of the complaint was that I was oversimplifying and not taking account the problems in districts related to bandwidth issues. Further, labeling these people "heroes" was said to be inappropriate, and that many hard-working individuals have to put into place some constraints due to needing to keep resources available for appropriate use. So let me clarify: First, I am not talking about bandwidth issues. I am talking about the kinds of filtering that keep out perfectly innocent and even extremely valuable Web 2.0 resources. Second, about the use of the word "heroes." I was going for a catchy monniker. I was not trying to say that tech folks who apply reasonable filters are "bad guys" and that those who oppose filters are literallly "heroes." Guess I may rethink my label...anyway, the last thing I wanted to do was cause any sort of bad feelins! As I said to the person who emailed me, mea culpa! I hope my words were not widely misinterpreted.

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  1. I work for one of your "heroes" and I think the name is correct. I am so lucky to work in a district that is somewhat forward-thinking regarding filtering. Dr. Bishop is a major reason for this thinking pattern. I do count him as a "hero" even though I know he doesn't think of himself this way!