Friday, September 12, 2008

More on Filtering

I really appreciate Doug Johnson's comment on my recent post on this topic. My reason for trying to get names of people who are speaking out "loudly" is that I hope to provide some reputable and authoritative names and sites that might help others whose voices must perhaps be a bit more muted due to job security concerns. And again, let me hasten to say that my concern is NOT with frivolous, bandwidth wasting "surfing" rights but rather with access to all the wonderful Web 2.0 resources and informational sites that are still off limits to far too many folks. A good part of my concern stems from living in a very conservative area in a conservative state, and seeing my own friends and students fight for access every day. Doug is so right though...this is NOT a "battle" to be won by a few people with loud voices, but by everyone doing what he/she can to move things along. Sometimes that has to be with baby steps, I know, after my years in public schools. My one wish would be for a few more names to share with the librarian who is trying to build a case and wants to provide some documentation. My listserv query yielded none, which may have been due to my wording being a bit off, or (and this is my concern) due to the fact that people cannot come up with any more names! If that is the case, then my list is needed more than I thought. I am going to do some searching on my own, but would still love any suggestions. Maybe I need to change the name from Filtering Heroes to something else. I will try to come up with a better title.

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