Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Viva la Compagnie

For some reason this song and lyrics came to my mind this evening. I think I sang it in school at some point, probably in elementary school music class:


Let every good fellow now join in a song.
Viva la compagnie!
Success to each other and pass it along.
Viva la compagnie!

Cho: Viva la, viva la, viva l`amour
Viva la, viva la, viva l`amour
Viva l`amour, viva l`amour,
Viva la compagnie.

A friend on the left and a friend on the right.
In love and good fellowship, let us unite.

Now wider and wider our circle expands
We sing to our comrades in far away lands.

This song is about being connected with others. That is just what I was missing today. The Internet was down on my campus all day. That cut me off from students. While on campus I could access BlackBoard instructional software, but I could not receive emails. Further, I could not send messages to students or use our Yahoo Groups site for students and alumni. I was concerned about our many students in South Texas/Rio Grande Valley but could not access the Internet to check on them personally or to check weather sites for the status of Hurricane Dolly. I realized how much I do rely on the net for communication. Being without is isolating and frustrating.


  1. Hi Mary Ann,

    Each Monday, we Mankato Kiwanians sing two songs, and this one comes around now and then.

    I wonder what songs today's kids will remember from their youth. Some rap number about violence and drug use?

    Changing world...


  2. I know the tune even though I cannot recall ever learning this song! With family spread out everywhere now, I relish my connections with them as well as friends and colleagues. Viva!

  3. Dr. B.-I think I remember you singing this under your breath in London. Don't remember where exactly but I recognize it! Still remembering the wonderful trip.

  4. When I first read your post I enjoyed it but wasn't compelled to comment until I went around singing Viva la compagnie for the next few hours, driving several family members nuts today. Now I feel compelled to comment to let you know how convincing the power of suggestion and the power of music can be. Despite the suspected age of the music, 1844, the theme being connected to others remains as relevant today as the day the song was composed. And although the ways we stay connected today have evolved significantly since then social networking plays a big part of world today.